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ORTAS s.r.o. is an engineering company which took over the production programme along with all the know-how associated with the manufacture and development of monorail mining locomotives type LZH from ORTAS, a.s.

The tradition of the development and production of LZH mining locomotives dates back to the 1980s. During this time, there was a huge development of mining technologies which enabled the radical improvement of extraction in underground mines. The deployment of LZH monorail mining locomotives allowed for the simpler and much more efficient horizontal transport of auxiliary materials, reinforcement, equipment and people from the pit to the point of extraction and back.

The development and production of LZH monorail mining locomotives was concentrated in Příbram, a traditional mining town that used to be famous for underground mining of silver, lead and uranium. All manufacturing of the mining equipment then fell under the Czechoslovak Uranium Industry concern(ČSUP), Mining Machinery Plant(ZDM). At the end of the 1980s, the company was renamed ORTAS.

The first type of the LZH50 developmental series was the LZH 50.21 locomotive equipped firstly with 2 and then with 3 power units. The subsequently introduced innovations and improvements were reflected in the type LZH 50.D-3.
ORTAS s.r.o. currently offers the latest type LZH 120 D5.1.


ORTAS s. r. o.
Hate 546, 261 01 Pribram III
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 607 606 698
      +420 318 637 761
E-mail: info@ortas.cz