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LZH locomotive

Produced Models

The production programme includes two series of monorail mine locomotives:

  • LZH 50.D-3
  • LZH 120.D5.1

Areas of Use

The monorail mining locomotive is designed for the horizontal transport of auxiliary materials, reinforcements, equipment and people from the pit to the point of extraction and back.

The LZH locomotive is primarily deployed in mines. Most commonly, it is used in the technological processes of coal mines for transporting people and materials. The locomotive can also be used for work on underground line constructions, in particular the construction and maintenance of tunnels, ducts and underground railways.

Due to the approval of their use in an environment with potentially explosive methane and coal dust, the LZH locomotives can be used in areas of gassy mines with hazardous atmospheric conditions 2 (the locomotive is classified as Group I Category M2 equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres). The equipment is in compliance with the EU Directives No 98/37/EC, 94/9/EC – ATEX 100 (95), 1999/92/EC – ATEX 137.

The LZH mine locomotive is a tractive vehicle driven by a diesel engine with hydrostatic-mechanical transmission.

The train sets are transported on a suspended monorail I-beam 155 in the horizontal plane and inclinations up to 25 degrees. The locomotive can operate in corridors with minimum dimensions of 1800 × 1500 mm.

Operating principle

The locomotive is constructed in a three-part or four-part version (two cabins, an engine part with power units and possibly a cooling unit). This allows the locomotive to be transported underground in the mine cage. The assembly is carried out in the area of deployment.

The engine part consists of a diesel engine and a hydrostatic drive. For the LZH 50.D-3 type, the ZETOR Z-7701 diesel engine is used with forced water-cooled circulation equipped with a powerful cooler and a fan.

For the newer LZH 120.D-5.1 type, a more powerful engine from the innovated series – the turbocharged ORTAS 100 is used.

For the use in a potentially explosive methane and coal dust environment, the engines are equipped with protection of the intake and exhaust tracts (the intake protector and exhaust protector with water seals). These devices prevent a methane explosion by transferring the flame or hot particles to an unprotected free atmosphere.

The drive engine is started with a hydraulic starter. The torque is transmitted from the diesel engine,which placed in the engine compartment, through the clutch and hydrostatic transmission to the friction rollers of the drive units. The drive rollers are hydraulically pressed to the web of the suspended track. The rotation of the rollers in either direction moves the locomotive forwards or backwards.

The vehicle service brake function is performed by hydrostatic transmission. When the maximum speed is exceeded, the speed limiter is switched on. This activates the safety function sequence in the pneumatic safety circuit, triggering the emergency brake and stopping the locomotive engine. This causes the machine to stop.

The locomotive is always controllable from the cabin which is first in the direction of travel. A train set may be connected to the locomotive by a connecting rod from either side.

Technical Data

LZH 50.D-3 LZH 120.D.5
Make ZETOR 7701 ORTAS 100
Type Compression ignition,
Compression ignition,
4-stroke, turbocharged
Maximum output [kW/k] 38/51 82/110
No. of cylinders 4 4
Cylinder bore  [mm] 102 105
Stroke  [mm] 120 120
Valve mechanism OHV OHV
Fuel consumption [g.kW-1.h-1] 248 257
Alternator[V] 12 12
Cooling Liquid cooling with forced circulation and thermostat
Weight of modified engine [kg] 370 485
Maximum pressure of the circuit [MPa] 32 35
Number of drive units 2 3 3 4 5
Length [mm] 5660 6500 8550 9850 11150
Width [mm] 800 800 800 800 800
Height under rail  [mm] 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Weight [kg] 3150 3500 4550 4900 5250
Tractive force [kN] 40 60 72 96 120
Maximum transport speed [m/s] 2 1,3 2,4 1,8 1,4
Profile I 155 I 155
Inclination of the track 25° 25°
Radius of the curves – horizontal [m] 4 4
Radius of the curves – vertical [m] 8 8
Minimum dimensions of the gallery [mm] 1800×1500 1800×1500


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