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Mine loader PPN

Area of application

Nakladač_PPNMine track pneumatic overhead loader PPN is used as a loader of disintegrated rock during excavation in coal and ore mines and underground engineering. The machine is used as a part of a complex with drilling systems (e.g. drilling rig VS-1).

PPN loader moves rock mass into the mine vehicles, on a drag or belt conveyer, or other devices used in transportation. Loading is performed from the rail tracks on which the machine moves. Minimum height for using loader PPN is 2.3 m from the rail head.

Operating principle

The mine loader PPN is driven by compressed air.

From a distance of approximately 0.5 m the PPN loader with lowered shovel approaches the disintegrated rock material. Once the shovel sufficiently digs into the material, which is supported by shaking the material, the shovel starts lifting (pulled by a chain). The lifting speed of the shovel during the process of lifting increases, which is achieved by the rolling curve of the upper part of the shovel and by winding of the chain on the chain roller in the threads on an increasingly larger diameter.


At the moment of maximum speed when the shovel is above the truck or hopper, the shovel hitsthe springs of the crosspiece and the content of the material spillsout from the shovel. While lifting the shovelthe loader departs from the pile so that the shovel can return to its original loading position and again approach the material. If the material is loaded on the sides of the rails,the body of the vehicle deflects pneumatically by rotating around vertical axis so as to engage the shovelsideways. The body of the loader returns to its original position automatically when lifting the shovel.

The mine loader PPNis compiled from the running gear with an engine, body of the loader, working device (shovel), engine for the uplift of the shovel and for the deflection of the body. Both engines are pneumatic; each motor is controlled by a separate control element.

The upper part of the loader can rotate sideways in order to enlarge the cutting width during loading.

The loader is equipped with an automatic lubrication device which ensures lubrication of pneumatic switchboards and a distributor of pneumatic motors.

Since the abrasion resistance is essential, the edge of the shovel and its teeth are all tungsten carbide surfacing welded.

Technical data

Loading output [m³/h] 75
Shovel capacity [m³] 0,25
Shovel width range [mm] 2200
Lifting speed [m/s] 0,97
Maximum depth of inclination
Maximum size of loaded chunks of rock mass [mm] 300
Drive 2 air piston engines
Inlet hose inside diameter DN 50
Output [kW] 9-11
Allowable operating pressure [Mpa] 0,4 – 0,5
Air consumption [m³/h] 750
External dimensions [mm] 410 x 425 x 380
Weight [kg] 95
Track gauge [mm] 900 / 750 / 600 / 450
Wheel base [mm] 846
Drive speed [m/s] 0,97
Engine power [kW] 22
Dimensions and weight of the machine
Length (lowered shovel) [mm] 2270
Length (lifted shovel) [mm] 1460
Width (with footrest) [mm] 1320
Width (without footrest) [mm] 1150
Height in transport position [mm] 1300
Height with lifted shovel [mm] 2250
Weight of the machine [kg] 3800


Photogallery – Practical application



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