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Pneumatic grouting pump MONO 250

Area of application

MONO_250The grouting pump MONO 250 is designed for pressure and filling grouting of cement and bentonite slurries. It is primarily used for injecting (grouting) bar anchors and the drill holes in order to reinforce the loose rock mass. The maximum grain size can not exceed 0,2 mm.

The grouting pump MONO 250 is classified in the category I M2 (ATEX standard) so it can be used in deep gassing mines with hazardous atmospheric conditions 2 (environments with the risk of explosion).

Operating principle

The grouting pump MONO 250 is fitted on the solid frame, which also works as the air blowed silencer and the dirt separator.

The pump drive consists of the double-acting rectilinear pneumatic motor. The dosing cylinder with the sucking and dispensing chamber is connected to the piston rod. The pump operation is controlled by terminal drivers, which regulate the air income into the pneumatic distributor.

The grouting pump MONO 250 is driven by the compressed air.


1 – dosing cylinder
2 – oil doser
3 – rectilinear pneumatic motor
4 – terminal drivers
5 – solid frame
6 – outlet
7 – air income

Technical data

Parameter MONO 250
Pressure at the outlet max. [MPa] 15
Output max. [l/min] 30
Air pressure max. [MPa] 0,5
Oil type (mixed to the air for lubricating mechanical parts) OD 3 (ÏSO VG 46)
Pneumatic motor diameter [mm] 250
Pneumatic motor stroke [mm] 150
Weight [kg] 120



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