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Scraper winch VSS-206

Area of application

The scraper winch VSS-206 is used for excavating of the rocks from the mining site. It could be also used for the destroying of the reinforcement in the horizontal mining corridors. The scraper winch VSS-206 operates in underground mines or constructions (collectors, tunnels etc.). The design enables the usage in small profile mines up to 40° incline.



The scraper winch VSS-206 consists of the solid frame which is equipped with either electric or pneumatic motor. The motor is directly connected with the gearbox with the brake mechanism. The gearbox is directly connected with the tractive and reverse drum. There are two levers with pull rods for operating the scraper winch. Each drum is fitted with the separate steel rope, which is conducted by the guide roller. Both rope ends are fixed to the scraper shovel by clamps.

Workplace scheme of the mining site



Technical data

VSS-206 VSS-206 E
Technical parameters
Tractive force (max.) [N] 4900 4900
Rope length (max. tractive/reverse rope) [m] 75 75
Rope diameter (tractive/reverse rope) [mm] 5,5 – 8 5,5 – 8
Incline of the mine 40° 40°
Engine type pneumatic motor electric motor
Engine power (max.) [kW] 4,4 4
Working pressure of engine (max.)  [bar] 5
Air consumption of engine (when max. engine power) [m³/min] 6
Inner diameter of the income hose/pipe DN 25
Weight [kg] 247 278



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