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Company Profile

ORTAS s.r.o. (ORTAS – Mining Company, Ltd.), is a traditional engineering company which is engaged in the production and development of mining and construction machinery. The basic activity is the manufacture and development of monorail mining locomotives type LZH which are mainly used in underground coal mines. 

Production Portfolio

ORTAS s.r.o. currently manufactures the following 2 types of monorail mining locomotives:

  • LZH 50.D-3 with 2 or 3 drive units,
  • LZH 120.D5.1 with 3, 4 or 5 drive units.

The company provides a comprehensive after-sales service on these machines, including:

  • regular service inspections,
  • on-call service of spare parts,
  • repairs of individual components and major repairs, as well as general repairs.

Monorail mining locomotive LZH 120 has a standardised construction as locomotives of other manufacturers, e.g. FERRIT (DLZ 110) or STAVUS (IMM 80 or IMM 120).
Apart from the manufacture of monorail locomotives type LZH, the ORTAS s.r.o. is also engaged in the manufacture and development of equipment which is mainly used in ore and coal mines:

Company Policy

ORTAS s.r.o. is a customer-oriented company; hence an emphasis on maximum customer satisfaction in the long-term is its primary goal.

ORTAS s.r.o. has a certified quality management system ISO 9001.


ORTAS s. r. o.
Hate 546, 261 01 Pribram III
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 607 606 698
      +420 318 637 761
E-mail: info@ortas.cz