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Storage truck ZV-01 / Belt conveyor PD-01

The storage truck ZV-01 in combination with the belt conveyor PD-01 equipped with shotcreting machine SSB 14 or SSB 24 is designed for transporting of dry concrete mixture to the shotcreting site.This technology is widely used in ore and coal mines and in underground engineering during excavation of tunnels and collectors for the purpose of reinforcing and filling in tunnel lining.

Storage truck ZV-01

Zásobníkový vůzThe ZV-01 storage truck is designed for conveying dry concrete mixture to the site where concrete is sprayed. The lower part of the storage tank is equipped with a slow-running staging belt with gradual speed control to ensure discharging of the storage tank into the hopper of the concrete spraying machine. The end of the staging belt in the rear part of the storage tank is extended in such a way so that the conveyed mix can be reloaded from another truck. In this way, it is possible to discharge several trucks standing consecutively without further handling.

The output of the equipment during discharging can be fluently controlled.

Technical data

Parameter ZV-01
Discharging output [m3/h] 2,5 – 10
Type of drive Air turbine VMZ–3,5
Pressure air consumption [m3/min] max. 6
Air pressure [MPa] 0,4 – 0,6
Length [mm] 2860
Width [mm] 900
Height without bodywork [mm] 1500
Height with bodywork [mm] 1700
Volume of bed without bodywork [m3] 1,6
Volume of bed with bodywork [m3] 2,0
Weight [kg] 1150
Max. speed of travel [km/h] 4

Belt conveyor PD-01

he PD-01 belt conveyor is designed for mechanized charging of mixed dry concrete mixture into the hopper of the SSB 14 or SSB 24 machines. The conveyor is used for facilitation of material handling in the case of manual filling, as well as for integration in a technological unit with the storage truck ZV-01. In this case, manual material handling is totally eliminated.

The conveyor is driven by an air turbine with adjustable speed.

Parameter PD-01
Type of drive Air turbine VMZ – 3,5
Air consumption (belt drive) [m3/min] max. 6



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