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Grouting pumps CM-M2 series

Area of application

The grouting pumps CM-M2 series are designed for the preparation, pumping and application of cement slurries, fine graine size mixtures and mortar. These are primarily used for injecting (grouting) bar anchors and drill holes, joining and plastering.

The pumps are classified in the category I M2 (ATEX standard) so they can be used in deep gassing mines with hazardous atmospheric conditions 2 (environments with the risk of explosion).

Operating principle

Injektážní čerpadlo CM M2

The grouting pumps CM-M2 series integrate a compulsory mixer (cyclone mixer) and a worm pump. Due to the separate phase of mixing and pumping, the operator can control the consistency of the substance. The mixture is prepared in the mixer filled with the dry component and water. After mixing, the liquid mixture is put into the pump vessel from where, using the pressure mechanism, it is transported by transport hoses into the grouting packer (injection needle) or the joining or plastering nozzle to the place of the application.

The pump drive consists of two electric motors approved for I M2 environments.

Technical data

Output at 250 rpm [l/min] 20 50
Max. pressure at the outlet [MPa] 3,5 2,5
Maximum graine size of the mixture [mm) 4 6
Engine power – mixer/pump [kW] 1,5/3 2,2,/5,5
Voltage system [V] 400/500 400/500
Inner diameter of transport hoses [mm] 25 35
Maximum transport horizontal distance [m] 100 60
Maximum transport vertical distance [m] 25 15
Dimensions (wheel chassis)
Length  [mm] 1885 2450
Width [mm] 790 790
Width [mm] 1190 1230
Weight of the machine [kg] 355 360



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